Testimonials 1

I have been attending chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment with Dr Jas and Jamie. They provide professional treatment which helped me for my spine, joints and sports injuries.

Roland Chia

My experience with Dr Jas and Jamie have been wonderful and they work very well together as a team. They are professional and meticulous to help improvement my shoulder stiffness issues. I sleep much better now. Will continue my sessions with them.

Akane Hara

Love the service provided here. I got Dr Jas as my chiropractor and Jamie as my physical therapist. This is my first time getting this kind of treatment, before was worried I might get injured more especially when the doctor has to adjust my spine. But Dr Jas and Jamie are so professional and patient in explaining everything to me.

Natalia Osman

Dr Jas and Jamie are amazing chiro and physio! Firstly they were always on time, no waiting time! What a refreshing change. Each time during the session, it was so solution based and I saw improvement for my issues. Appreciate both of you helping me out.

Gerald Nair

It was Dr Jas as my chiro, she is a very detailed person, and she answered all my questions regarding bones and posture. Not to mention she is also very professional and her chiro skills are immaculate. Besides, I also have Jamie as my physiotherapist. I enjoyed my session with her each time as she helped mobilise my spine and her muscle releasing skills are very good as well.

Yew Jin

I’m glad to have found both Dr Jas and Jamie. They helped me recover from stiff shoulder, hunched back and back muscle pain tremendously. I already got my boyfriend and mom engaged with their treatment as I think my loved ones deserve the best for their wellbeing.

Aarya Kaur

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